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What is EasyClaim?

EasyClaim is the smart way of handling vehicle claims using any connected mobile device. 

The time taken to settle a claim drastically reduces from weeks down to hours or even minutes. Information and photos of any damage are sent to ControlExpert by customers using their smartphone. The customer then receives feedback about the potential repair route for the vehicle and can select the repairer of their choice from a list. It is also possible for the insurer to offer cash settlements in suitable cases.

EasyClaim explained in two minutes

How EasyClaim works

Receive Link

After reporting a claim to their insurance company, the customer is sent a link via e-mail or SMS to the EasyClaim application which can be opened on any mobile device with internet access. On the start screen they are asked to accept the privacy policy to continue.

Identify Vehicle 

If applicable, the customer takes a photo of their vehicle registration certificate and inserts the registration date of the vehicle.

Identify Vehicle 

In addition, a photo of the vehicle dashboard displaying mileage information is required.

Take pictures

The customer takes two overview pictures of their vehicle and adds at least two close up pictures of the damage sustained.

Damage description

Now the customer needs to add a short description of how the accident circumstances occurred. They can choose to submit the information using either the text field or dictating directly into the mobile device.

Submit the claim

That’s it! The data is sent to ControlExpert where our car experts can determine the appropriate claim process and any amount.

Receiving calculation

Within just a few hours the claimant receives a calculation of the repair costs including spare parts, paintwork and labour costs. They can now decide whether to choose the vehicle repairer or elect to receive the pay out for the total damage cost instead.

Pay Out

If the claimant opts for a pay out, they need to fill in the bank account details. The calculated amount will then be transferred to their bank account within a few days.


If the claimant chooses to repair the damage, they can choose a bodyshop nearby and arrange an appointment.

The benefits of EasyClaim



Send a unique URL/TXT immediately after FNOL Call



Digital process and easy to use web app



Focus FNOL calls on the capture of essential claim data only: Increased CSI through innovative claims notification/settlement



Completely digital, no paperwork

Customers That offer EasyClaim

Insurance Companies


EasyClaim Tutorial


This video tutorial sums up all the benefits of EasyClaim, how it works for the customer and for the claims handler:

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