Hackathon successes

at ControlExpert

What is a Hackathon?

One Weekend. One Challenge. And a bunch of coding-teams.


ControlExpert always strive to innovate and develop new technology and thinking, as demonstrated by our regular participation in hackathons (hacking marathons). 


Whether it’s an AI-based chatbot, claims settlement via Alexa the speech assistant, or a blockchain-based platform for determining individual insurance policies - the ControlExpert development teams and their successful results are surely impressive!

Hack {it} Over

Insure Me
Blockchain-based platform for the conclusion of individual insurance policies


April 2018, Hannover
Initiated by: Talanx Versicherungsgruppe


Be c(AR)ful
Process for the digitalisation of damage calculations with the help of Deep Learning and the visualisation of damage using Augmented Reality (AR) 


October 2017, Cologne 
Initiated by: Zurich Group Germany


Claims settlement using Amazon’s Alexa language assistant 


March 2017, Munich
Initiated by: Allianz Deutschland AG


Claim Settlement with Chatbots
AI-based chatbot (text input); integration with an insurer using Facebook Messenger 


October 2016, Cologne
Initiated by: Zurich Group Germany