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ControlExpert products

Our core product suite focuses on digital claims management, triage and glass claim validation. Our blend of Artificial and Human Intelligence creates market-leading motor claims automation propositions which enables our insurer partners to deliver success.


We believe that the combination of AI, Data Science and our ‘Experts’ is a true recipe for success. Leveraging our vast experience database of historic claim and vehicle data helps us create the robust and rich models for automation which sit at the heart of all of our products.


Easy Claim

Digital-first claims handling in the palm of your hand


A Simple web app to capture policyholder images. Images are then augmented with our data to allow highly accurate triage in 100% of cases, taking into account the individual vehicle specification.


  • Unique link sent to Policyholder via text/email- Reduce FNOL calls from 25 to 5 mins and allow the policyholder to capture accident data and images of their vehicle at both the scene or at a safer location.

  • Damage Assessment – Damage severity and repair costs are assessed using the supplied images. To further aid triage we supplement this with multiple other vehicle data assets (Tax/MOT/PAV/Finance etc.)

  • Reduce Liability – We identify vehicles with safety related optional equipment (ADAS) and triage accordingly at the earliest stage of the claim to reduce liability and cycle time



Digital Engineering Without the Compromise


Seamlessly blending technology with human intelligence to digitally engineer motor claims and achieve highly accurate and consistent outcomes. From damage calculation to total loss, ExpertiseCheck delivers reliable and consistent savings


  • Given the pragmatic way we blend technology with human intelligence, 100% of claims can be managed by ExpertiseCheck

  • Claims currently being ‘auto authorised’ can also be validated by the service to ensure leakage is under control without an insurer incurring additional operational overheads

  • Every claim is enriched with other automotive data assets to limit liability and increase quality (TAX/MOT, Finance, PAV, Optional VIN Specification)



System-based audit of glass invoices


GlassCheck offers a full quality management for our glass partners and insurance companies. The digital communication via PostMaster® platform ensures accelerated and automated processes. Glass invoices are checked according to manufacturer specifications. Our glass partners and insurance companies receive structured claims and payment data.


  • Digital communication via PostMaster®

  • Reduction of internal handling costs

  • Process optimization through reduction of manual touch-points

  • Target group: insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet operators



Bringing the Dealership to the Workshop


Organisation and execution of remote OEM-approved ADAS calibration at bodyshops limits the ever-increasing exposure and liability faced by UK insurers.


  • A direct insurer relationship to avoid any costly inherited charges
  • Every recalibration is OEM quality certified
  • OEM diagnostics undertaken by qualified engineers
  • A ‘Just in time’ approach to ensure recalibrations take place on the day the car is refitted. This avoids the usual cycle time delays for outsourced/dealer activity