Appraiser FeeCheck

Close Inspection without Inspecting


An analysis of assessor’s fees has shown that there are sometimes big differences when it comes to invoice items. Checking them not only gives insurance companies the potential to save money, but also makes it possible to identify overpriced items and establish fair and transparent market prices for all assessors – all completely effortlessly.


Following a vehicle liability claim with more than minor damage, the claimant is entitled to a refund for the cost of an assessor’s report. However, there is no clearly regulated fee system for these assessors like those used for lawyers, doctors, or architects. Accordingly, there is a great deal of room for maneuver when issuing invoices. In a judgement dated July 22, 2014 (VI ZR 357/13) and April 26, 2016 (VI ZR 50/150), Germany’s Federal Court of Justice ruled as follows: “An assessor’s fee significantly above the normal prices does not adequately represent the amount of work involved under the terms of § 249 BGB (German Civil Code).” Above all else, the price of extras varies considerably. Is it plausible nowadays, for example, to charge three euros or more for a digital photo?


With Appraiser FeeCheck, ControlExpert gives insurers the opportunity to have the invoice for the assessor’s fees checked in line with database-supported processes and specific sets of rules. From millions of reports generated over the last 14 years, we have our own database in which the basic fees from actual, up-to-date, and location-specific assessor’s invoices are stored. Besides the basic fee, any additional items or repair shop services can be checked, such as fees for the use of lifting platforms or dismantling fees.


The insurance company then receives a transparent report with structured data, which can also provide clarity in the event of a legal dispute. The process behind it is automated, which means that everything can be managed fully automatically. This makes it particularly efficient and also effective, so it really is worth inspecting more closely.  

Good to know:


Appraiser FeeCheck can also be called upon on an individual basis, if the insurance company has no grounds to perform a complete check of a report. This allows insurers to check fees randomly in the event of inconsistencies. Or they can perform their own analyses on cost trends in order to improve the system of rules even further. There are so many reasons why taking a closer look is worthwhile. And with this automatic and highly efficient process, which brings significantly more than it costs, there is no reason not to use it.