CE International

From Langenfeld to the whole World


ControlExpert exports its innovative process optimization services all over the world and is now based in 13 countries with 14 offices. The CE International team ensures that everything runs smoothly everywhere.

If a need arises in one of ControlExperts overseas offices, the three-man team made up of Michael Kubijowicz, Jakob Otting, and Markus Hillebrand is on hand to help. Whether it is an IT issue, processes are not running smoothly, or figures, data, and facts are needed, the rapid response team is always the first contact partner. Furthermore, the international team is always the first port of call for visitors coming to Langenfeld from abroad. 


Always on hand

The team travels all over the world, bringing along its expertise to negotiations and providing its knowledge of the German market. All three team members proactively support our partners at customer meetings and address the individual needs of local markets. “Every country is different, every culture unique. With regard to the claims market, however, the needs overlap by as much as 80%. The rest can be adapted locally,” says Jakob Otting. 


The growth continues

The team still has much to do, because ControlExpert continues to grow internationally. “In Germany all of our core products were changed over to the CE platform in 2016. Our aim is to make this platform available everywhere internationally as well,” says Michael Kubijowicz. “We are continuing to press ahead with automation and digitalization. In Italy, Brazil, and Poland, for example, we are seeing the first cooperation partnerships with insurance companies that use EasyClaim, our smart claims management system for smartphones.”

Developing new countries

Besides continuing to expand in existing international locations, it goes without saying that new countries should also be developed. There is a focus on similar markets. “We are already active in Spain, so Portugal would be an obvious choice. Or our presence in the USA would make Canada a conceivable step,” says Nicolas Witte, who after successfully working for ControlExpert throughout Europe is now Head of Corporate Development and board member in the USA. “Our neighbors in France and UK are naturally also of interest and talks are already ongoing there.” In addition, ControlExpert’s international customers – including AXA, HDI, Mapfre, and Generali – are asking more frequently whether cooperation in other countries would be possible. Talks of Malaysia and Croatia are also ongoing. “We are a global partner to Allianz and we are working on further cooperation partnerships of this kind.” Witte, who supports the international team, contributes his sales expertise and his knowledge of customer and market needs. He is especially hoping that a great deal will come from the investment in the American market. “The USA is a huge growth market for us; this is where trends are set. The international team will continue to work closely together in order to benefit from everybody’s diff erent experiences.” It will be interesting to see which boundaries ControlExpert will cross in the future to revolutionize the insurance market. There are definitely huge potentials.