Invoice Checking by Experts


Is it actually possible to more effectively and efficiently audit repair costs? This is a subject that many have already thought about and worked on. Many customers, claims adjusters, and just as many insurance experts. But like so many things in life, the infamous devil is in the details.

"InvoiceCheck brings with it an innovative and customer-oriented product and a well-tested, systematic procedure. This brings the 'black box' of auto body repair invoices to light. InvoiceCheck is able to do what many wish they could do", explains Nick Pawlak, Head of InvoiceCheck at ControlExpert. The recipe for success to check each invoice is on the one hand through perfectly prepared and intelligently linked data, and on the other hand through the expert knowledge of the employees.


Digitalized knowledge as a valuecreating factor

At ControlExpert we not only know what the lump-sum costs are, but also each individual item behind them. We also know which manufacturer has individual specifications regarding labor values, included/combined work and repair instructions. This makes the costs transparent. It demonstrates savings potential and shortens the time to completion of a case. "We live in a digital, networked world in which time is also money, as we all know", says Nick Pawlak. A rate of achievement of 80% of the savings potential lends support to his claim.

All current data on the radar

Computers have long become so smart that they can review large quantities of data and complex information more rapidly than humans can. ControlExpert recognized this value-add of digitalization at an early stage and built up a division dedicated to professional data management. The team is focused on the completion and supplementation of manufacturer specifications as well as maintenance of inventory data, such that an extensive dataset has been accumulated over the years.

Specialization pays off

The technical expertise of the vehicle experts is at least as important as the databases described above. In order to be able to provide the highest degree of professionalism, we divide our vehicle experts into manufacturer teams. For example, this means that a vehicle expert with years of practical work experience in a BMW workshop is dedicated to the review of BMW invoices. Even when it comes to this, ControlExpert adjusts every possible aspect to ensure the highest degree of quality.


Call me maybe!

Particularly for technical discussions with the workshop regarding opaque flat rates or invoice items, a phone call by our vehicle experts to the workshop can be a big advantage. Discussions can be held on equal footing, and most importantly concluded quickly. If desired, ControlExpert is also happy to directly forward calls to our vehicle experts.


Results at a glance

Since our InvoiceCheck product is used by more than 30 customers, we can always compare the results of an individual customer with those in the industry as a whole. Through easy-to-read, detailed reporting, we provide the customer with useful notes on additional potential for optimization.


Automated payment

If it is operationally favorable for the customer, ControlExpert works to close claims and even provide automated payouts if desired. ControlExpert handles the default values in the system and ensures integration of adjustment data into the customer system. This makes it possible to perform the entire settlement process even more rapidly and digitally.