The Universal Claim Check


MobileCheck was launched as a digital solution for claims assessment for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks. But now, the application has developed into a complete universal solution for liability and special insurance. Whether it is glasses, household devices, hearing aids, or drones, a great deal is possible. And much more is planned:

"Our vision for MobileCheck is to be able to check everything that can be delivered by the post." For Jens Breer, MobileCheck Team Leader at Control€xpert, the possibilities of the product are only bounded by the limits of postal delivery. And MobileCheck is truly a development that invites one to think even further. Originally designed as a digital solution for the settlement of mobile phone damages, MobileCheck is increasingly becoming a key product – not only for Control€xpert, but also for insurance companies. The reasons are obvious: It is a single tool that can change the way all kinds of things are done. MobileCheck does in fact cover the entire case process. From the shipping of the damaged goods to determining the plausibility of damage, current market value, and repair costs — as well as sending the evaluation report – everything is included. What insurers value the most, however, is how Control€xpert is able to manage all communication with the claimant, saving them a great deal of time and money. The number of insurance companies that take advantage of Mobile Check has grown to 25.

MobileCheck in numbers

If one takes a look at the numbers, it quickly becomes clear why the product is in such high demand: With nearly 30,000 transactions, MobileCheck has achieved two-digit growth in the last 12 months. The savings rates are also convincing. Savings for electronics items after appraisal of the current market value lie at 52%, and for glasses 38%. About 35% of all damage claims also remain unsettled because the claimant does not send in the device after it is requested, or the image of the damage proves to be implausible when reviewed. Results such as these are also enabled by the very high quality of the inspection and expert assessment. In addition to close collaboration with large, manufacturer-authorized contract repair shops, as well as a network of specialized expert evaluators, damaged goods received are also subject to an internal inspection by certified technicians at Control€xpert.

MobileCheck as a hub for all participants

In order to continue to maintain the satisfaction of all participants at such a high level in the future as well, development of MobileCheck will continue. "We imagine MobileCheck as a hub that connects insurers, experts, manufacturers, and claimants with each other, without them having to communicate with each other themselves. We take care of that. This also means that it doesn't matter what kind of object is subject to a claim inspection. Anything that the claimant can separate themselves from will work." If you ask Jens Breer and his colleagues at Control€xpert, the potential of MobileCheck is far from exhausted. One thing is certain: The future holds great promise!

Advantages of MobileCheck


  • Signifiant savings – up to 50% of claim expenses
  • Complete handling of correspondence
  • Highest-quality inspections and short processing times
  • Data sharing via digital interfaces is possible
  • Manufacturer-authorized repairs
  • Possible savings through special conditions for insurers