Fully Automated Quality Control and Repair Approval


With AutoCheck, cost estimates and invoices are subject to a detailed audit. Communication for this is 100% digital. This saves a great deal of time and money. 

If a claims manager insists on his own network of repair shops or fixed network partners, AutoCheck comes into play. Developed as a quality management tool for repair shop networks, AutoCheck is used almost immediately after an accident. Many leasing companies, claims managers, and car rental agencies are enthusiastic users of AutoCheck. If one of these parties files a claim, he is directed to the nearest repair shop. The cost estimate generated by the repair shop is digitally and automatically sent to Control€xpert and subject to an automated audit by AutoCheck. At the end of this review process, there is always a repair authorization provided to the repair shop. If no inconsistencies are found, this is issued within minutes. If irregularities are found, however, a Control€xpert vehicle expert contacts the repair shop within no later than two hours and clarifies any issues. This way the repair shop not only saves time, but also knows exactly under what conditions which repairs should be performed. The invoice payment is also handled digitally, meaning: The repair shop does not need to wait long for its money. Product Owner Thomas Baier says: "With AutoCheck, the repair shop is practically asking for permission to repair the vehicle based on the cost estimate submitted. Last but not least, fully digital invoice processing is handled by AutoCheck."


A Direct Line: Postmaster®

Communication with AutoCheck is 100% digital and highly automated. This is made possible through integration with the PostMaster® platform. From authorization to payment, the case passes through numerous digitalized rule sets, delivering binding and transparent results in a short time. Ultimately, this saves time and money for all involved in the claims process. For example, insurance companies benefit both from the clear specifications and rules of conduct for its network partners as well as from the structured data and digital communication options. Through its combination with PostMaster®, AutoCheck has a "hot" connection to the repair shops. This tool is continuously being improved in order to be able to provide even more efficient and digitalized results.