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Technical review and evaluation of an expert assessment or a repair shop's cost estimate requires deep vehicle know-how. Flat rates, manufacturer specifications and repair methods are only a few topics that require consideration and solutions. The ace up ControlExpert's sleeve is the combination of artificial intelligence and vehicle know-how. This further increases the quality of claim reviews.


A cost estimate or expert assessment undergoes two audit scenarios at ControlExpert: A rule-based check and the in-depth check. For the rule-based check of the process, the CE Analyzer comes into play. Our module for rules, artificial intelligence and machine learning independently checks for inconsistencies. All based on millions of audited transactions. The Analyzer reviews current replacement part prices, hourly labor rates, painting and associated hourly rates, and much more. The Analyzer receives the necessary information from our complex database. For this, customer-specific, technical, and vehicle-specific rules are checked. The Analyzer also has access to this data. If the Analyzer detects errors in the process, this is sent to one of our vehicle experts for in-depth review. All details are then rigorously checked. In the automotive world this means: Review of causality, plausibility, and a fraud check. Nothing slips past our experts. For example, repair methods are examined very closely. Is it easier or cheaper to paint a certain part while it is on the vehicle, or would it be better to remove it? Our vehicle experts are also the best at estimating and evaluating the calculated repair costs. After all, practically all of them have worked in repair shops and know how long is needed for certain repairs, and even when a repair is not needed. "To be able to answer tough questions from repair shops, you really need to know what you're talking about", says Frank Klose, Head of ExpertiseCheck and GlassCheck at ControlExpert. "Our goal is to accelerate processes through automation. For example, determining the replacement costs  and the listing on salvage exchanges happens automatically. This frees up employees to be able to focus on complex decisions." This is how ControlExpert uses ExpertiseCheck to achieve faster and more precise audits.