ControlExpert came out on top when competing with 7 providers of automatic image recognition.




ControlExpert came out on top when competing with 7 providers on automatic image recognition. After a preparation phase Warta, the Polish subsidiary of Talanx International AG, is starting tests with ControlExpert regarding the use of artificial intelligence in the recognition of car damage from accidents.


Together with HDI companies from Germany, Italy and Turkey, Warta has been working in Warsaw since mid-2018 on the explicit goal to use artificial intelligence in 60% of all motor claims. To achieve this and to speed up the claim settlement process significantly, the above mentioned companies rely on ControlExpert, the digitalization expert from Langenfeld. 

During the first project phase, they trained an AI-model to recognize car parts in photos of the damage. ControlExpert’s algorithms enable damaged parts and the extent of damage to be recognized, making it possible to assess whether a part should be repaired or replaced. The amount of repair costs are determined after this information is entered into a calculation system.


Insurers, as well as drivers, profit from the use of image recognition technology in the calculation process, since automatic image recognition saves time - increasing the productivity of car appraisers. Dispensing with creating cost estimates enables approvals for repair shops to be issued faster. The quality level is increased because the vehicle identification number or registration number is recognized automatically in the claims file and does not have to be entered manually. Automated image recognition takes the load off the insurance teams so that they have more time for drivers or to handle more complex claims.


Warta intends to realize the project this year already. Results from artificial intelligence during the first test phase will still be checked manually, then the insurer’s claim settlement process will be switched over to the new process. Thanks to ControlExpert’s technology-competence in the field of artificial intelligence and their sound process and industry experience, they were easily able to come out top against 7 providers of image recognition technologies. Dr. Andreas Witte, Head of Research and Development at the company from Langenfeld, says: “We have already been working on automatic image recognition for more than 10 years and are pleased when the results of our research can be put into practice, which means that we contribute to the satisfaction of all parties involved in the claims process.“