ControlExpert receives patent

for automated image recognition in car damage recording


The Langenfeld based service provider for claims management, ControlExpert, is once again setting standards in automizing and optimizing the claims process in the automotive sector. The technology that was developed is based on the use of Artificial Intelligence and with the help of images, it enables the system to determine the amount of damage caused to a vehicle in an accident. Thisrevolutionary procedure of damage analysisresults in a significantly shortened time frame for completion of the claims process.


The basic requirement for a fast claims management is a quick determination of the damage amount. Normally the whole claims process, from the start of recording the claim to creating an assessment leading to a final settlement, takes up to several weeks. Thanks to the worldwide unique and now patented process of an automized claims recording, this procedure is significantly shortened – while maintaining or even improving the quality.


Based on photos taken directly at the scene of the accident, artificial intelligence is used to determine whether damage has occurred in a large number of predetermined vehicle zones. The basis for this is the use of a proprietary database containing millions of damage images upon which a neural network was trained to detect damages. This results in the cost of damage being available within seconds. A decision as to whether the vehicle can be repaired or renewed is also determined at this point. In more complex cases, an evaluation by the car experts of ControlExpert takes place within a few hours.


The patented procedure is a result of more than 10 years of research based on the trial and error of numerous methods at ControlExpert. With the patent, the Langenfeld based company has officially taken the lead in the area of automatic image recognition in car claims management. Andreas Witte, CTO of ControlExpert and leader of the 30-person Research and Development department, says: ''In receiving the patent, we see rewarding results of the ground breaking work that our team has accomplished, at the forefront of this is our R&D department. This process is revolutionary in its nature and will have a positive impact on the client claims experience. We at ControlExpert, have definitely set a precedent within the industry. We will continue with this diligent dedication to further advance our lead in the field.''


Automated image recognition has long been a core technology at ControlExpert and as such has become an integral part of their services and products. For example, it is the starting point for "Intelligent Claims Routing", in which the damage photos transmitted by smartphone, tablet and computer run through the AI-based damage analysis within seconds. The patented image recognition of ControlExpert is thus an elementary driver for optimizing and accelerating the entire claims management in the automotive sector.