CE is an associate partner of the PlanQK project


ControlExpert is an associate partner of the PlanQK project, which positions itself as a platform and ecosystem for research and use of quantum-based artificial intelligence.


Langenfeld, 10.02.2021. With the growing amount of data and more and more complex processes in the automotive claims management, quantum computing is also gaining importance for ControlExpert, the service provider for digitalization. An important step regarding the development of efficient AI algorithms is in this course the newly formed, associated partnership with PlanQK. In view of the fact that the development of artificial intelligence becomes more and more computationally intensive, there is no way around quantum computing in the future.


PlanQK is winner of the AI innovation contest of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The funding project delivers both the basics and a platform for building a community around quantum-assisted artificial intelligence. Manufacturers, computer scientists and software developers are to meet here in the future. The goal is to create an easy access to expertise, algorithms and implementations/apps. “We are pleased to have ControlExpert on board as a new associated partner of the PlanQK project. We are excited to see how quantum-assisted AI can support the expertise of ControlExpert around the processes of automotive claims management”, says Andreas Liebing, CEO StoneOne AG & consortium leader of PlanQK.


For ControlExpert it is important to be part of the project to gain early insights into the platform and the interaction between quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Dr. Sebastian Schoenen, Head of Research & Development at ControlExpert: “We are already leading in the development and use of artificial intelligence in the area of automotive claims management. As associated partner in this project, we can learn and understand at an early stage, how we can make our highly complex algorithms even more efficient with quantum computing. As the platform enables direct contact to manufacturers of quantum computers, we will be able to use the technology faster.” By networking manufacturers, experts, who can write quantum-assisted algorithms, software-engineers and users, whose use cases and data flow into the platform, the project aims to take entire industries to a whole new level.