Controlexpert Japan

Providing AI-based and digital solutions for automotive insurance companies


ControlExpert, a German InsurTech company, that develops and operates digital solutions for automotive claims assessment processes using the latest technology, launched its Japanese corporation three years ago. The company is a member of the Allianz Group, one of the world's leading insurance groups. The company’s system enables to make a complete claims settlement from the moment of the accident to insurance payment one-stop with a digital processes and AI. The effectiveness has been proven by Allianz, which has implemented the company's solution. The Japanese corporation will continue to provide services to Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers. We asked Mr. Shigenari Mochizuki, CEO of the Japanese corporation "Control Expert Japan Co., Ltd.", about the service outline and business development in Japan.



ControlExpert is an Allianz group company headquartered in Germany. It operates in 20 countries around the world and has about 800 employees. The Japanese corporation was established in June 2019, and Mr. Mochizuki was assigned as the representative of the Japanese corporation in August 2020. The main customers of Japanese corporations are domestic non-life insurance companies, and some have transactions with car rental companies.

The company was originally founded 20 years ago in Germany and operates and provides digital services for the damage investigation and assessment business process of automotive insurance. One feature of the company’s service is the detection of damaged parts of a car and to determine the degree of damage by using the company's own image recognition technology and AI, as well as the digitization and BI analysis of estimates from the repair shop.


By using the company's solution, it will be possible to enable an end-2-end digital and AI-based process from the moment of the accident to insurance payment. For example, when an accident occurs, the driver takes a picture of the damaged part with a smartphone or other device, sends the image to the insurance company's call center or insurance agency and the data is uploaded to the system called Claims Advisor. The best claims settlement option (total loss, certified payment, repair, further investigation, etc.) is determined by Claims Advisor. In case the repair is to be covered by the insurance, the AI-based system also determines the appropriateness of the estimate made by the repair shop. All following processes, until the insurance payment can finally be made, are completed digitally and AI-based.

This operation has actually started with Allianz in Germany.

In Japan, the company plans to call on P&C insurers to introduce such an end-2-end service for all business processes, but they also plan to provide solution services for each step in the process.


Currently, ControlExpert has begun efforts to undertake the adjuster operations of P&C insurers and has signed contracts with multiple other P&C insurers, and inquiries from other insurance companies are increasing. Specifically, the company's technology recognizes images and estimates of damaged parts sent from repair shops, analyzes damaged parts, determines whether repairs are necessary and determines whether the estimated contents are appropriate. Based on the data, the company's adjusters negotiate with the repair shop, re-create the estimate and feed back the various analysis data obtained here to the insurance company.

Mr. Mochizuki said, "In this business, our adjusters can increase productivity by utilizing the AI ​​platform and at the same time all data is digitized, so it is possible to perform various analysis that previously were not visible with BI tools. This has led to more strategic loss adjustment for insurance companies.”


This article was originally published in “Shin Nihon Hoken Shinbun” newspaper on July 4, 2022